The Animals Inside

These are a few of the MANY animals we have at APEC.  Check back to this page regularly as we update the photos from month to month. Please also feel free to contact us with suggestions of what you would like to see on these Animal Pages for the Alley Pond Environmental Center website.

The Animal Room is available for visitors whenever the Center is open.   The animals are introduced to children during our many programs.  Each of the creatures has a lesson to teach - such as communication, habitat and life-cycles.   Children and adults alike always enjoy a tour through the Animal Room at APEC.

Bernie the Corn Snake  His underbelly looks like Indian Corn. He has no ears and instead feels for vibrations. Loke the Prairie Dog  


Our ‘Guest from the West’Loke is nocturnal and very active at Dusk and Dawn

Henry the Ring necked Dove

Blue Tongued Skink 

Henry was born at APEC in 2008. He will show his wing on request… when he does, you can clearly see the three layers of feathers that allow flight. Notice his black ‘ring’ marking on his neck. His tongue works with Jacobson’s Organ to determine if something is food or not. He keeps his belly on ground for vibration and warmth. Can camouflage slightly to blend in his environment.

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